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About me

IT Director with a passion for technology, software engineering and stock trading.

Rudy D'hauwe

ir. Rudy D'hauwe

Master of Science in Engineering

Graduated from the renowned University of Leuven as a Master of Science in Computer Science Engineering, I have always been into mathematics, technology and software.

IT Director

I have spent more than 20 years of my career as IT Director in IT management positions in Belgium and across Europe, before I learned how to trade stocks.

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How I learned to trade stocks

I was naive when I started trading. I struggled for nearly three years. Three years in which I worked hard, read dozens of books, spent hundreds if not thousands of hours looking at stock charts, developed my own software for backtesting my strategies, and spent a lot of money on online courses, stock screeners and trading signals. If I had not developed a passion for trading along the way and if I had not become so determined to succeed, I would have probably given up. Luckily I didn’t because I finally did sort it out and started making money.

Why does it have to be so hard?

I sometimes feel that I just got lucky to get things right after three years of hard work. I feel that it might as well have taken another year, or worse. That made me wonder how on earth it can be so hard to learn how to trade, while it turns out not to be so difficult after all once you know how to trade. There is obviously something missing in the way people learn how to trade. There must be a better way… right?

Reinventing the way we learn how to trade

I ended up discovering a new and much more efficient and effective way of learning how to trade. I decided to adapt my personally developed software – that was initially never intended to be shared – to allow other people to use it. I thereafter started this website and this blog because I want to help you become the best stock trader you can be. Because I believe that putting your money to work and making it grow is an indispensable and potentially life-changing skill that anyone should be able to acquire.

Find the best stocks to buy right now and learn when to sell and when to take profits

The TOP-3 trading skills you will develop

Lao Tzu said that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. My software has been engineered in such a way that, if you put in the work, you will effectively learn yourself how to trade stocks like a PRO. Additionally, the member’s area contains practical how-to guides and tutorial video’s allowing you to develop the required trading skills yourself.


You need a proven trading system and a trading strategy with a positive expectancy and clear rules for finding and selecting stocks and for timing your entries and exits.

Risk Management

Risk management needs to be at the very core of your thinking, acting and decision making. In short, at the heart of your every single move. You are in control.


What if I told you the market is not your biggest competition? No, when you look in the mirror… That's your competition. Your REAL competition. Mindset is everything.